I came on this tour following a recommendation from someone who had been on last year's tour and I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends.

Chris, Alps Tour 2008

The cycling tour with Kiwi style bike tours was fantastic.I will be doing it again over the next few years.

Edwin, Italy 2011

The tour was absolute tops and I would not wish to change it in any way, thanks for a great time and regards to the rest of your team.

Pat and Sharon TDU 2010

Another fantastic experience (3rd tour). Chris and Paul are great guides. The hotels were ideal, the scenery amazing, and riding legendary places like Alp du Huez, Galibier, Selevio, Gavia, was such a buzz. It really was living the dream!

Mike, Epic France Italy 2012

Overall it was an excellent tour and we both had a wonderful time. Richard and his team are great and seem well organised. Well worth the money! Thanks heaps.

Miranda and Leon (France 2007)

I would like to say again that we were very impressed with the tour and your organization. It was a wonderful experience.

Andrew and Karen McLeod

It was truly a great trip with well picked perfect accommodation and riding...stunning.

Ian, Provence Alps 2012

We agree with Steve's comments and we certainly endorse this type of holiday experience and would like to return another year to repeat in a different country/area.

Kevin and Nicki, Alps Provence 2012

I had a fantastic biking holiday, and am really keen to do something similar next year.

Bob, Italy 2011

The organization pre-tour was excellent and then stepped up again while we were on tour. I though you handled the range of abilities extremely well. There were heaps of choices to cater for everybody each day. Cheers thanks for an awesome trip.

Lisa, Pyrenees Tour 2008

The Tour was superb, I had a fantastic time. The rides were tough, as was the weather at times, that's part of the overall challenge.I am happy to give them the big tick, they were great. We all were well briefed and had a clear understanding of what each ride entailed, and when to be ready by.

Paul, Epic France Italy 2013

The tour was everything I hoped it would be, Richard and his staff made the whole tour run smoothly and efficiently enabling the clients to relax and enjoy the experience. Thanks guys!

Don (France 2007)

A big THANK YOU to YOU! I have heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone, and how well organised it all was.You put together a unique and amazing event that the guys will never forget. Your organisation skills were fabulous!!

Ashleigh, TdF Alps and Provence 2013

Thank-you for a wonderful experience in France, we really enjoy your style, supportive and very encouraging. Really enjoyed Barry's leadership.

Mary, Grande Route des Alpes 2012

Expectations were high from the good reputation already earned and were exceeded.

Martin, Alps Tour 2008

Thanks again for a brilliant trip.

Steve, Epic France Italy 2011

Thanks again for a great tour. It was really enjoyable and Adelaide is such a fantastic place. Thanks very much again for a wonderful tour and I might have to save up to join the Adelaide tour again next year!

Sharyn-TDU 2010

This was THE best thing I have ever done.

Craig Webster

That was a great tour and I’ll certainly be recommending you guys to others and hopefully will be able to join you again sometime in the future. Thanks again and all the best to yourself and crew.

Peter-TDU 2010

I thought that you Jerry and Baz did a fantastic job of creating the perfect environment for some great riding and good fun.

Dave - France 2009

An exceptional trip.

Pete-France 2009

Most enjoyable experience with a great group of people. Well planned, prepared and safe.
Thanks for a great tour.

Claire and David, Alps Tour 2012

The tour was fantastic and worth the year’s wait after having to pull out last year. It was a great group and Chris and Jake were excellent guides/hosts. Like you the Dolomites were the highlight for me although I enjoyed all the places we visited.

Thanks for organizing the itinerary and hope to join you again in a year or so.

Sue, Epic France Italy 2013

Thanks for a magnificent trip.

Andrew (Italy 2007)

It was a great week with many happy memories.Must do it again someday.

James TDU 2012

Excellent tour will definitely be back for another tour.

Richard, Epic France Italy 2011

I had an excellent time with you all, great rides, company, and food.

Ben, Epic France Italy 2011

Awesome trip! Thanks for looking after us oldies so well!

Sarah and Mike - France 2009

I just got back yesterday and I'm still coming to terms with what weve seen and done. It was nothing short of incredible. I'm not sure what the guys from Fat Boys have said but from my point of view what we took in of the TDF was more than enough. I got to see them do Huez twice, Col de Croix Fry and the start at Annecy and while it was cool to see it, it definitely wasn't the highlight of the trip for me. Personally I got the greatest thrill out of doing the rides like Columbiere, Galibier and Iseran so I think you had the mix about dead right.

Andy, King of the Alps Tour 2013

What an awesome tour we have just had, we could not fault a single thing. Everything from the weather, cycling, accommodation, food and guides were perfect.

Ian, Epic France Italy 2012

I couldn't imagine a better formula for experiencing Provence - Pure Magic.

Roche TdF Alps and Provence 2013

Thank you for putting on a fantastic tour. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.Thanks for making this great experience possible.

Ian, Epic France Italy 2012

Thanks again for a wonderful trip. Your efforts and flexibility are very much appreciated.

Andrew and Karen, Pyrenees Tour 2008

Thank you for a memorable and fantastic tour, I will be highly recommending it.

Carole (France 2007)

Gooday Richard. Had a great cycling holiday. Boys were great. A great team of people. Awesome rides.
Keen for Pyrenees or Swiss/Austria next year. Please include me in the list.

Greg, Epic France Italy 2013

As a non cyclist, it has been equally enjoyable, always made to feel part of the group so a special thanks for getting me to all the same places as those who pushed there bikes!

Jillian, Pyrenees Tour 2008

Thanks again for a ripper tour. Really ignited my passion for riding again...and I have started to like hills!

Johnnie, Epic France Italy 2011

A great week of racing and bike riding, I can’t imagine how it could be any better.

Kevin TDU 2009

Yes, we had a great time and the boys took really good care of us all. Their encouragement up the hills was great, didn't make them any less steep but at least you weren't on your own. The girls thoroughly enjoyed getting ferried around and the shopping excursions were great and nothing was a problem to the lads. Particularly enjoyed the last accommodation with Jess and Paul and were very much made to feel at home.

John and Gail, Provence Alps 2012

Once again a fantastic Tour! Whats up for next year!

Lisa - France 2009

Richard the trip was perfect, especially for us older weekend warriors, Will be a trip we will all remember for a long time , I am sure many of us will be back , maybe not next year back in a couple of years.

Peter, Epic France Italy 2011

Loved every moment and felt you accommodated everyone's different needs very well. Thank you guys.

Cheryl (France 2007)

Well where do I start. I arrived in one piece and by the end of the tour I was battered and bruised, but had an awesome time. I cant speak highly enough of Richard, Ra and Chris. The tour was out of this world, the rides were breathtaking and the hotels were great, the people on the tour were great fun. It was amazing how close we got to the superstars, I had photos with Julian Dean and Magnus Backstedt so as you read if you are thinking about doing a tour with these guys don’t think about it…do it!You wont be disappointed I certainly wasn’t. Thanks heaps guys see you in a couple of years for another awesome tour.

Tanya Knapp

As a non-cyclist I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Time is well organized and being out in the van was good, wonderful scenery, good destinations and following the ride was fun, well done guys! Enjoyed your company.PS Great shopping to!

Brenda, non-cyclist Tuscany Tour 2008

I would have to say our tour was a fantastic experience, the self guided option with Jerry, the rides, hotels / meals were all exceptional, so just wanted to pass that on and say thanks.

Steve, Italy 2011

Just to let you know that we had a great tour and that Barry and Gerry did an outstanding job in looking after us.

Will, Pyrenees Tour 2011

Thanks to you and the team for what was a memorable Tour. Relaxed, well organised and great company.
Have already recommended it to a number of fellow cyclists as a great way to see Adelaide and partake in challenging cycling. Keep the Corkscrew in!!

Tony- TDU 2010

Yet again we had an enjoyable time and it was great to see another corner of France. You have a top team working for you.

Don and Carol, Provence Alps 2012

Thanks guys you made it all fun!

Kevin, Pyrenees and Alps Tour 2008

Thanks for a great experience. It far exceeded my expectations.

John and Kay (Italy 2007)

The trip was perfect, especially for us older weekend warriors. Will be a trip we will all remember for a long time, I am sure many of us will be back maybe not next year back in a couple of years.

Peter, Epic France Italy 2011

Once again thank you for a great time, it's going to be a lasting memory that's for sure.

Miles (France 2007)

Sitting in the private room of a great restaurant in Annency France watching the final stage of the TDF on a 55inch screen, enjoying a fabulous meal with friends is one memory that will never disappear. After riding up Ventoux for the second time, sitting on the hill with 500,000 people as Froome attacked and won the stage is something other people will talk about and we will simply say, I know I was there. What a day.

Rob, TdF Alps and Provence 2013

This tour was the most amazing experience. The trip exceeded all my expectations.

Ken Lord

AWESOME trip,Today was one of the best days of my cycling life
And prob my whole life watching the big man get up...LIVE.

Dave, Pyrenees Tour 2011

Thanks for a fantastic experience. Everything was well organised and relaxed. Our rides were great, and the TDU atmosphere exciting.It was so cool to ride back from stage finishes with pros like George Hincappie! As you can see I am a happy camper! The tour was an excellent experience and I can’t think of any improvements you could make. I’ve spread the good word amongst my “bike boys” cycling group, I’ll be surprised if there isn’t some more of them on future tours.

Mike Dent TDU 2009

Well-done, excellent holiday, I will come again.

Andrew (France 2007)

I had a fantastic holiday and am planning to do another next year. Have booked for the Tour Down Under since returning. You guys are stars.

Gill (Italy 2007)

It was a great trip thanks, thoroughly enjoyed it. Jerry and Paul were brilliant guides. Bloody well organised. Hotels were great, food was great. Thanks a heap. It was great to be able to juggle the days around a bit and for some of us to do more riding than others.

Chris, King of the Alps Tour 2013

Great trip ,the trip surpassed my expectation and great riding.Thanks and see you on bike.

Blair, King of the Alps 2013

Thanks again for a brilliant trip.

Steve, Epic France Italy 2011

This spot is a real treat with a fantastic spot, the riding, cafes, scenery, accommodation and ambiance are spot on.

Evan, Pyrenees Tour 2011 and on his 6th Kiwi Style Bike Tours trip!

The tour was great and your team did a top job, very organised and professional. Barry and Craig top guys, knew their stuff, no mucking around, supportive of everyones different needs. The hire bike was great, once it was set up I never had to alter a thing, cheers I am one happy customer.

Paul, Alps Tour 2011

I had a fantastic time you and Gerard did a fantastic job, well done and thanks.

Bill, Alps Tour 2008

Thank you so much for an awesome 10 days, I have seen and enjoyed countryside and villages that will stay with me forever. Thanks also to Jerry for many laughs. Thank you also Richard.

Kate, Tuscany Tour 2008

Thanks for your role in another fantastic holiday. I'm pretty sure 'le grande tour des Alps' will quickly become THE ride everyone wants to do.

Bill, Grande Route des Alpes 2012

We had a great trip thanks. Paul was outstanding as a driver or guide and really looked after us. All the hotels were great as usual, and the rides were about right as a compromise between inexperienced riders and more experienced. Thanks for putting it all together.

Bob, Alps Provence 2012

Thanks for a brilliant tour…I had a great time…it was the perfect holiday.

Keri Bloomfield

Yes we all had a fantastic tour, Paul did a great job, was well organised and made it a very enjoyable experience.Thanks for another great tour Richard, we are certainly interested in another tour sometime in the future.

Steve, Alps Provence 2012


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